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Do you still seek answers to your garage door questions? Get the best ones in this page

  • What is the difference between wood and steel garage doors?

    According to our experts, wooden garage doors are unfinished. They have to be painted on all sides prior to installation and need to be re-finished at least once a year. Steel doors are already coated with paint upon purchase and cleaning is not a fuss with only a mild detergent and water once a year. Steel doors are very sturdy.

  • When checking for loose parts, which parts should be inspected?

    Loosening generally happens on the bolts and screws and parts of a door that regularly move. These regularly moving parts include the garage door rollers, hinges, chains, cables, and even the springs. There may also be instances when the fasteners on the brackets and the door tracks become loose so they should also be checked.

  • What factors should I consider in choosing a garage door and opener?

    There are many things to consider when choosing a garage door and garage door opener, such as the material, size, and type. You should also take note that not all garage doors can fit any opening and not all garage door operators can be installed in your garage because of its shape.

  • Why should I update my opener?

    Due to the need to enhance people's safety manufacturers keep making changes with electric garage door openers. They keep improving them with new features and accessories. When you update your own opener, you have the chance to add new accessories and, thus, your safety will be reinforced and you'll enjoy a more convenient opener system.

  • What are the main causes of accidents?

    Garage door accidents still happen when people neglect maintenance. The electric garage door opener sensors must always be checked and adjusted. The springs must be replaced on time. The kids must not be allowed to play with the clicker. Our specialists in Ramsey insist that accidents also happen because people try to repair damages on their own.

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